Relief and Recovery from  Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Stress Illnesses.

Confidential – Practical – Solutions

Refreshed Minds is for you if you want to:

Find Long-term solutions to your symptoms

Together we will explore, understand and clear the route causes of your symptoms so you can recover. Restoring you to feeling calm and confident.

Cut frustration and find clarity

Symptoms can leave you feeling lost, alone and like nobody understands. I help ease your frustrations and give you more clarity.

Live a life of health and happiness

You are doing the best you know how to do. With my knowledge and expertise together we can find your way back to health and happiness.

The support you need to work through your blocks, overcome the obstacles and create a mindset which supports you to achieve success.

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"I feel more in control & clear on where I’m heading. I feel there has been a change in my mindset now I understand more about how my mind works. I will keep working at the things we talked about as I know being free to be me is how I will achieve the things & happiness I desire. I can't thank you enough."
Caroline Faulkner

Is Refreshed Minds right for you?

You’re looking for a solution which lasts and are committed to working together to create a positive impact on your life. My approaches are based in scientific evidence and my approach is practical and empowering.

Anxiety Treatments

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms:

– Fear/confidence wobbles

– Racing Heart or Panic Attacks

– Constant running thoughts

– Lack of focus

– Endless worry

Chronic Pain Solutions

If you have symptoms such as:

– RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

– Knee/ankle pain

– Shoulder pain

– Back Pain

– CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Stress Illness Therapy

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms:

– IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

– Headaches / Migraines

– Weight issues

– Sleep problems

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Healthy Mindset programme

A 1-2-1 support programme designed to your individual needs. Discover what’s holding you back and the practical mindset toolkit to change it. Whether you’re looking for alternative treatments for anxiety a TMS therapist for Chronic Pain or solutions for IBS or Migraines, this mindset programme is designed to help you find relief and recover.

Monthly Mindset Support

Life is often hectic and draining. My monthly mindset programme is an opportunity to optimise your mental wellbeing by supporting you to create and maintain a healthy mindset. This is an opportunity to check in regularly, top up your resilience and let go of life’s pressures. I make sure your mindset is in top shape so you can achieve the best in both life and work.

Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

A mentally strong team is productive, creative and resilient. I deliver interactive and empowering workplace wellbeing programmes so all of your team can feel confident and mentally strong. My services are designed to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

The first step is a no obligation conversation to understand your needs. Book a complementary chat here.

How it works in 3 simple steps:

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The Mindset Review

Book a no obligation 30 minute conversation with me, together we'll discover the route cause of your challenges and I will suggest the solution which I feel is best for you or your team. This complimentary call is an opportunity to ensure we find the right solution for you.

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Perfect solutions

We work together to deliver the solution that works. This normally includes a mixture of 1-2-1 sessions, online resources, and group sessions for workplace welling solutions. The length of which will depend on your individual needs and be agreed in advance.

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Mentally Strong and happy

You receive all the tools, resources and support so you or your team can return to feeling mentally strong, happy and productive.

I work with a limited number of people to ensure my clients receive the best service and commitment. Click below to book a free Mindset Review and lets get started.

Apologies, I’m currently not taking on any new clients.

Online Course Option

If you are experiencing chronic pain or any stress induced condition click below to find out more about the online SIRPA recovery programme. This programme follows the TMS/PPD approach to mindbody symptoms and is in line with a number of research studies.

It is an interactive programme and a fantastic alternative for those who want to recover at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home.

What makes Refreshed Minds Different?

I specialise in mind-body conditions and empowering you to recover from the unconscious habits, beliefs and experiences which contribute to your symptoms of Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Stress Related Illness.

I have 10 years of experience in these approaches and have helped hundreds of people in that time. I have shadowed the European Leader in TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome) for 3 years and I’m a qualified clinical supervisor, supporting others within my industry to deliver the best service to their customers.

As a trained Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Coach, Stress Manager and SIRPA chronic pain specialist there isnʼt anything that I havenʼt been able to tackle head on for my clients.* 

You can find out more about Refreshed Minds approach and my journey by clicking here.

* Please note that the training and services I provide are not suitable for anyone with severe psychological/personality or severe medical disorders.

Zoe Thompson - Refreshed Minds - Refresh Shed
Zoe Thompson (Dip.H.psych. PracNLP. CertSM, CertCoach)

What others say about Refreshed Minds

Customer service is an important part of my values and therefore fundamental to the Refreshed Mind’s experience. I take time to get to know you, how you think and together we design a mindset toolkit bespoke to your needs. Here’s what some of my clients have to say about the results they achieved.

Success Story - Pippa and Zoe client photo

Pippa - Holistic Therapist

"Now I can start to bring alive and together all the parts of a my new business and to truly have the courage to bring my dreams into reality. Zoe has enabled me to have confidence in just being me and bringing the best of me forward, integrating my values and making my business an extension of all I am/enjoy in the world and sharing that by embracing my creativity. Thank you."

Success story - Dorne Speaking Nerves - Refreshed Minds

Dorne - Ribbit Media Solutions

"Standing on a stage and talking to over 1,000 people was one of the scariest things I've had to do in my business, but with your help I stood on that stage and felt a confidence that I had no idea existed in circumstances like these. Thank you"

Hoot Creative Arts Logo - Refreshed Minds client

Kim - Hoot Creative Arts

"Zoe walks the talk - in fact she positively sings and dances it! Inspiring, reassuring and practical. Thank you. " Hoot Creative Arts

Recovery from anxious feelings, stress related symptoms and chronic pain is absolutely possible. You deserve to feel calm, happy and mentally strong, helping you get there is my job.

Ready to get started?…….

Apologies, I’m not currently taking on any new clients

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Chronic Pain Specialist
Chronic Pain recovery is possible using the SIRPA approach.

​Created from the work of Dr John Sarno and practised around the world to help sufferers from TMS / PPD conditions this approach is based on the latest research into the origins of chronic pain and how the mind can heal.