I help professional people and workplace teams make positive, effective changes so they can feel confident in their work and life. I support people and teams to overcome anxiety, recover from chronic pain and put an end to stress related illnesses. 

Who is Zoe Thompson?

Hi I’m Zoe, the Founder of Refreshed Minds and over the years I’ve realised how infuriating and amazing life’s journey can be. From pressure to succeed and a brain which will never switch off, to overcoming fears and tackling difficult conversations, it’s all part of the journey, but I realised that we all need the tools and support to navigate these with confidence. 

So many people don’t have these tools and instead experience the negative effects, chronic pain, stress and anxiety. This isn’t a dress rehearsal and we all deserve to experience the best we can be.

Helping to really make a difference

I’ve been fortunate that the work I do has enabled me to help hundreds of people live a more Confident and Happier life. I do this by sharing my proven, simple and practical techniques for overcoming anxiety, chronic pain, stress illnesses and creating a success mindset. 
After experiencing the effects of stress and burnout myself I went in search for answers to how my own brain worked. This led me down a path of self-discovery,  professional qualifications, years of clinical experience with hundreds of clients and providing workplace wellbeing solutions. I’ve learnt, taught and tested my simple and practical techniques. Techniques that can be implemented into every day life and ones that can actually be stuck to for more than a few days! 
Zoe Thompson - Mindset Specialist - Support with Anxiety
Zoe Thompson - TMS Therapist offering 1-2-1 Treatments and Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

Over the years I have been able to teach others how they can have the confidence to Be, Do and Have the best for themselves……and this is what I would love for you and your team.

Zoe Thompson - Refreshed Minds Presenting
Zoe Thompson - Speaker

I’m also a trained Learning and Development professional with over 10 years of experience designing and delivering training. There’s nothing quite like bringing a group of people together to learn and grow. Facilitating interactive workplace wellbeing solutions is also close to my heart.

Since 2016 I’ve been the West Yorkshire Peer Support Group leader for Hypnotherapists, sharing my years of expertise within my field. I’m also a qualified Clinical Supervisor helping other therapists to provide the best clinical solutions for their clients.

More About Refreshed Minds

"A shed?" I hear you ask, ah yes, but this is no ordinary shed, it is some what a magical little oasis that each time I have visited has taken me on a wonderful journey of self discovery, relaxation and comprehension of some sticking points. Zoe is masterly at gently but all inclusively tweaking out individual stumbling blocks and allowing that reconnection, regaining all important clarity to enable you, and hence your business, project and self to move forward, creating a renewed sense of internal peace as frustrations melt away.”
Rosie Cook
Community Support Manager
"Zoe picked up on my issues and focused my mind on what I needed to do to more forwards. Definitely recommend Zoe.”
Balquees Ali

P.S. My business thrives on word of mouth through delivering a high standard of customer service. I value your feedback, so please add your testimonial by emailing me at zoe@refreshedminds.co.uk (Thank you!)

P.P.S. I am fully insured with qualifications in hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Stress Management and Chronic Pain Specialist. I am a member of National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), The Association for NLP (ANLP) and SIRPA (Stress Induced Recovery Practitioners Association) so you can choose me with confidence.