Overcoming Anxiety with NLP Meta Programs

Do you suffer from Anxiety or find communicating with others frustrating and stressful? Today I’d like to help you overcome the frustrations which generate anxiety by introducing you to an NLP technique, Meta Programs.

A little while ago I delivered a talk to a wonderful group of ladies in Ilkley, the talk was titled, ‘Brain Basics and How to Get What You Want.’ I introduced them to a technique called Meta Programs and showed them the impact these unconscious programs have on their actions and decisions on a daily basis.

The talk was a roaring success, each of them went away with a new strategy which they knew would work for them. They absolutely loved it so in this post I’m going to introduce you to the wonder of Meta Programs.

What are NLP Meta Programs and how can they help you overcome Anxiety?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Meta programs determine which of your perceptions are selected for your attention. They are the key to the way you process information and impact every element of your actions, behaviour and decisions.

Each person has their own mix of meta programs and understanding both yours and other people’s can unlock the art of effective communication. They can also help you with anxiety because they enable you to get much better outcomes both personally and professionally.

Although most people will have a general preference when it comes to each Meta Program they aren’t static. Each Meta Program works on a ‘slider’ with two opposing ends, everyone has the ability to utilise both. Practising a particular approach would improve your ability and you may utilise a different approach for particular situations. Its about finding out how you think, deciding whether that is helpful and if not learning to be flexible. That’s what makes Meta Programs so interesting.

An example to get you started…

In this example one side of the Meta Program represents ‘Same’ and the other represents ‘Difference’. Remember you can be anywhere along the line.

People who like ‘Same’ love routine, they like things to stay the same and they get flustered when things change. People who like ‘Difference’ love variety, they find change exhilarating and fun. Difference people get bored by routine and are always looking for new things to try.

Where would you plot yourself on this line? Do you love routine or thrive on trying new things? This is just one of about 50 meta programs but it gives you an idea of what it’s all about and gets you started.

The impact of Meta Programs on Anxiety and Communication

So what, I hear you ask. Well imagine you have a conversation and one person is ‘Same’ and the other is ‘Difference’. How is that conversation going to go?¬†

Perhaps you have a small team and you want to announce some changes……perhaps now you understand why some people jump straight on board and others think it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to them.

You will always enter a situation from your own Meta Program as will anyone else. Understanding them and learning how to maximise their potential can have amazing impacts on your ability to communicate, negotiate, influence and even sell. 

Would you like help with Anxiety, Stress or Communication?

I hope you’ve enjoyed that introduction to Meta Programs, if you’d like to find out more and learn how to use Meta Programs to get more of what you want join me on the Refreshed Minds Mindset Programme. Along with teaching you more about Meta Programs we can also find out what your Values are and also your Representational Systems too. Click below to book a Mindset Review and lets chat about it.

Until next time.


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  1. Tristan luke powell

    really good, in your opinion can you talk to meta programs in a certain way to give messages to the sub conscious?

    1. ZThompson

      Thanks for your comment Tristan. Meta programs are running in the background whilst you are consciously going about your day. It’s only when you learn about them that you then become consciously aware that there are the reason why you’re acting or thinking in certain ways. I use meta programs a lot in sessions to help people understand their habits/behaviours and then decide if that is helpful or they want to change something.

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