Build it Brilliant Bootcamp

This online course will teach you how to leave behind the exhausting grind of your business and build a dynamic sustainable business approach that wows your customers.


You started your coaching, consulting or therapy work to make a real difference. The trouble is, you don’t have time to attract new clients, let alone nurture them! You’re exhausted, burnt out and frustrated because there’s only so much of you to go around.

This one day event will show you how you too can create online products, courses and content that support your business.

Just Imagine

having the flexibility to be with your loved ones when they need you
going on holiday and still getting paid
earning your basic monthly income while you sleep
having systems that make your life easier (no more repeating yourself)
being able to impact hundreds of people and make a bigger difference in the world.
Freedom male - Build It Brilliant

What will be covered in this Build It Brilliant course?

This is an online workshop delivered via video in 7 1 hour sections. Each part will build on the previous so take it at your own pace and implement each of the steps.

What's Your Niche?

You’ll learn what’s worth sharing through online content.

Design Your Framework

I’ll help you break your topic down into content your clients will love.

Explore the Options

I’ll inspire you with ideas for a structure that works for you.

What Will You Charge?

Here we’ll look at pricing and how you can make the right choice.

What Tools Will You Use?

I'll introduce you to some amazing technology, making your ideas simple to deliver.

How to Sell Your Creations

Here we'll look at what it takes to sell your content

Getting Clients

Now you have your content and your sales all worked out I'll show you how to get clients.

How Will 'Build It Brilliant' Change My Business?

Create Freedom - Build It Brilliant

You will build a strategy that works for you, that allows you the flexibility you want whilst harnessing the expertise and skills you’re already got.

You will be able to reach out and make a bigger contribution to your clients and to those who would benefit from your services.

You will find that your thoughts and ideas are important and learn how you can harness them into amazing products, courses and content.

Supporting you to thrive, not just survive.

You’re not alone!

I’m Zoe. And I’m a therapist and business strategist. For 8 years I’ve specialised in helping professionals to overcome anxiety, stress and chronic pain. And for many years of my private practise I struggled and came to this very same conclusion.  

I tried to fit into the therapist mould, to run my practise in the way I thought I ‘should’, you know, ‘find 121 clients and build a thriving practise via word of mouth’. It was exhausting! And restrictive.

I wanted to make a bigger impact, to reach more people. I needed to build a better, more sustainable business.

One day I reached burn out. Despite all my hard work, I had to borrow money to pay the mortgage.

That was the turning point. I knew something had to change.

Hypnotherapy Session - Refreshed Minds
Zoe Thompson - Refreshed Minds Presenting

In that moment of despair, something clicked. I made a connection between my skills as a therapist and the skills I’d gained in my work as a Learning and Development consultant where I specialised in e-learning for several years.

Having helped numerous colleagues and clients to generate revenue in excess of £25,000, I decided to apply my extensive experience of generating income through creating online content, products and e-courses to the world of therapy and consulting businesses.

I made some radical changes in my own business. I created a blogging for therapists course, supported other therapists/consultants to design online courses and helped a private clinic design an online induction programme.

As a result I found my calling and felt the elation that comes from helping others to build their dreams. Not only that but I now have the time, and money, to treat myself to a luxury spa day.

There is a way to harness your expertise, whilst staying true to yourself, provide amazing customer service and achieve the financial / time freedom you want. I’ve designed the Build It Brilliant Blueprint to show you how.


Build It Brilliant Blueprint

 What is the Build it Brilliant Blueprint and why is this different?

* Foundations – Creating strong foundations and build it brilliant from there up.

* Innovation – Don’t just look to serve your customers create something to wow them.

* Sustainability – Create authentic and genuine products that you can be proud of.

* Expansion – The support you need to grow bigger and reach more people.

* Structure – With online solutions you can build anything so let’s work together to build it right.

The Build it Brilliant Blueprint doesn’t teach you how to create an online course when you haven’t yet decided if an online course is the right solution. Build it Brilliant is going to inspire and support you to create a strategy that builds an amazing dynamic business you can be proud of.

But What If......


You're not Technical

Technology has become more intuitive and simpler than ever, often you don’t need lots of tools you just need a couple of really good ones. Yes, these may take time to learn but there’s more resources available than ever before (I built myself a new website by using You Tube). If you get stuck outsourcing is also an alternative. Don’t limit your options before you’ve explored them, you may be surprised at what you can learn.

You're not an expert yet?

I hear this all the time! Unfortunately, one of the downsides to coaching, consulting and therapy professions is that there’s always new things to learn, new research, new videos etc. On the one hand this can keep our interest, but on the other it can make us feel like we’re never the expert. But, let’s focus on your customers, to them you’re already the expert so let share it so they can heal/feel better.

Time - build it brilliant

You don't feel you have time?

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest and often technology can actually save you time. Even if you decide to take on a bigger project it can be broken down into manageable chunks. Explore the options with me, you may be surprised at some of the solutions you come up with.

Ready to explore what’s possible and build a solution that’s right for you?



Since 2011 I’ve been running my private therapy business and discovered for myself just how much this entails. Before that I was a learning and development consultant who specialised in e-learning. I’ve always had a passion for creating amazing content that inspires people, my other passion is people in the helping professions. I’m currently a hypnotherapy supervisor and run a peer support group based in West Yorkshire. I believe the world needs more of our care and our support and yet 80% of businesses fail within the first 3 years. I’d want to change that.

Zoe Thompson - Refreshed Minds - Refresh Shed

I want to inspire coaches, consultants and therapists to build online solutions with integrity (no you’ll make 7 figures in a week here!!) I want you to not just serve your customers but wow them and I want to build a community of professionals who don’t just survive but thrive. I want to inspire you with the possibilities and then support you to turn them into reality.

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